Article Number Description
AC500 eCo PLC CPU  
1SAP121500R0071 PM566-TP-ETH,CPU with 512kB user memory, Ethernet interface, digital/analog I/O 6DI/2AI/6DO-T/1AO, 24VDC supply
1SAP121200R0071 PM556-TP-ETH: AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,512kB,8DI/6DO-T,ETH,24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP120700R0001 PM554-RP: AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,8DI/6DO-R,24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP120800R0001 PM554-RP-AC:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,8DI/6DO-R,115-230VAC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP120600R0001 PM554-TP:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,8DI/6DO-T,24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP120600R0071 PM554-TP-ETH: AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,8DI/6DO-T,ETH,24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP121000R0001 PM564-RP: AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,6DI/6DO-R/2AI/1AO,24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP121100R0001 PM564-RP-AC:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,6DI/6DOR/2AI/1AO,115-230VAC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP121000R0071 PM564-RP-ETH:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,6DI/6DO-R/2AI/1AO,24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP121100R0071 PM564-RP-ETH-AC:AC500,Prog.Log.Controler,128KB,6DI/6DO-R/2AI/1AO,115-230VAC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP120900R0001 PM564-TP:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,6DI/6DO-T/2AI/1AO,24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
1SAP120900R0071 PM564-TP-ETH:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller ,128KB,6DI/6DO-T/2AI/1AO,24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot
AC500 eCo PLC CPU Accessories
1SAP181400R0001 TA561 RTC AC500 Real Time Clock+Battery
1TNE968901R4300 TA562-RS, RS485 serial adapter COM2 for CPU's PM554 and PM564, to be installed in right option slot of the CPU, pluggable screw terminal block included
1SAP181500R0001 TA562 RS RTC AC500 RTC+RS485 Adapter Option board Screw terminal
1TNE968901R0100 MC503 AC500 SD Card Adapter SD Card should be purchased separatelly
1TNE968901R3107 TA566, Wall Mounting Accessory for AC500-eCo CPU and S500-eCo I/O modules (100 pieces per case)
1TNE968901R3203 TA570, Set of accessories: 6 x plastic cover for option slot, 6 x 5 pole terminal block for AC500-eCo, 6 x 5 pole screw terminal block for COM2 serial interface
AC500 eCo Expansion Modules
1TNE968902R2101 DI561 S500 Digital Input Mod 8DI 24VDC DI 24VDC Sink/source 1 wire
1TNE968902R2102 DI562 S500 Digital Input Mod 16DI 24VDC DI 24VDC Sink/source 1 wire
1TNE968902R2103 DI571 S500,Digital Input Mod.8DI 100-240VAC
1SAP230500R0000 DI572 S500,Digital Input Mod.16 DI 100-240VAC
1TNE968902R2201 DO561 S500 Digital Out Mod 8DO Transistor DO Transistor 24VDC/0 5A 1 wire
1SAP230900R0000 DO562: S500, Digital Out. Mod. 16DOTransistor:
1TNE968902R2202 DO571 S500,Digital Out.Mod.8DO-Relay
1TNE968902R2203 DO572 S500,Digital Out.Mod.8DO-Triac
1SAP231300R0000 'DO573: S500, Digital Out. Mod. 16DO-Relay:230 V AC/2A, 1-wire
1SAP231300R0000 DO573: S500, Digital Out. Mod. 16DO-Relay:230 V AC/2A, 1-wire
1SAP231900R0000 DC562: S500, Digital I/O Mod. 16DC: 24 V
1TNE968902R2301 DX561 S500 Digital I/O Mod 8DI/8DO Trans DI 24VDC sink/source DO Transistor 24VDC/0 5A 1 wire
1TNE968902R2302 DX571 S500,Digital I/O.Mod.8DI/8DO-Relay
1TNE968902R1101 AI561 S500 Analog Input Mod 4AI U/I 12bit+sign 24VDC 2 wire
1TNE968902R1102 AI562 S500 Analog Input Mod 2AI RTD 15bit+sign 24VDC 2 wire
1TNE968902R1103 AI563 S500 Analog In Mod 4AI Thermocouple S T R E N K J 15bit+sign 24VDC 2 wire
1TNE968902R1201 AO561 S500 Analog Output Mod 2AO U/I 12bit 24VDC 2 wire
1TNE968902R1301 AX561 S500 Analog IO Mod 4AI/2AO U/I 12bit+sign 24VDC 2 wire in 1 wire out
1SAP233100R0001 FM562: S500, Pulse Train Output Module, 2-axis, RS422
AC500 eCo Expansion Module Front Connectors
1TNE968901R3101 9 pole screw side connector
1TNE968901R3102 11 pole screw side connector
1TNE968901R3103 9 pole screw front connector
1TNE968901R3104 11 pole screw front connector
1TNE968901R3105 9 pole spring connector
1TNE968901R3106 11 pole spring connector
AC500 eCo PLC CPU Programming Cables
1TNE968901R1100 TK503 AC500 Progr Cable D Sub/USB
1TNE968901R2100 TK504 AC500 PLC Progr Cable D Sub/D Sub
1SAP186100R0001 Isolator TK506 for COM1 of AC500-eCo CPU
AC500 eCo PLC Starter Kits
1SAP186200R0001 AC500 eCo Starter Kit (PM564-R-AC + TK503)
1SAP186200R0002 AC500 eCo Starter Kit (PM564-R + TK503)
1SAP186200R0003 AC500 eCo Starter Kit (PM564T + TK503)
1SAP186200R0004 AC500 eCo Starter Kit (PM554-T-ETH)
1TNE968903R0203 Digital input simulator for onboard I/O of CPU PM55x and PM56x, 6 x switch, 24 V DC